Our product range in Spain

Gas and electricity supply

In our country, ENGIE Energía España was the first foreign company to obtain a foreign agent license in the electricity market in 1998. Currently, it operates as a trading company for gas and electricity offering customized energy supply contracts, as well as being an agent in OMEL (Iberian Energy Operator, Polo Español S.A.).

In addition, ENGIE Energía España has a gas trading license in the Spanish market. It acts as a gas trading company with the aim of supplying the combined-cycle power plants of the Group in Spain, with a diversified and competitive gas supply portfolio, and of optimizing the value of this supply within the Spanish system.

Global Energy supplies industrial clients in Spain with gas, electricity and energy efficiency and price risk management services.

Global Energy has a wide range of solutions to control, assess and enhance the energy efficiency (through consultancy, energy audits, emission management, etc.). Our contracts include a very large range of options which allow you to perfectly adapt your supply conditions to your energy strategy and to the specific aspects of your activity:

Through our commercial organization on two levels, local and European, you have a dedicated contact, your Key Accounts Manager, who works with you to draw up the right bespoke plan. Global Energy supplies industrial clients in Spain with natural gas and the related services of energy efficiency and price risk management.

Representative activity

Special Regime. Management of the production of co-generators and renewable energy

Through a comprehensive service, ENGIE Energía España offers market and rate representation services, supporting producers technically and administratively in the first stage in the process of registration or the change of representative before the relevant authorities in order to subsequently optimize the production of the plant. All this based on a professional relationship with clients, whose main values are trust, friendliness and personalized treatment.

Through this service, among other functions, the Company takes on the management of settlement procedures and the monitoring of guarantees in OMEL and REE, operations in OMEL and REE, and the automatic submission of forecasts and program settings to the market via its own platform with the resulting saving in diversion costs (portfolio diversified geographically and by type of technology).


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