ENGIE – Your innovative energy solutions architect

The world is changing, and our energy with it. The energy transition involves all stakeholders and many challenges, while also giving rise to new challenges and opportunities.

We must prepare for the changes that are underway and put some serious thought into how to seize opportunities. 
As Key Account Customers, you are assisted by energy experts throughout this transition.

Our teams are at hand and offer you a time advantage with respect to your competition. 

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ENGIE, an innovative energy solutions architect, places all of its skills and know-how at your disposal to help you prepare confidently for the future:

Thanks to its made-to-measure service offer, ENGIE offers you reliable, long-term assistance. Global Energy is part of the ENGIE Group which ambitions to be the European leader of Energy Transition. With one of the most diversified energy mix in Europe and with 22% of its power capacity coming from renewable resources, the Group has been fully prepared to lead that move.


Together we can create a full “green” energy production site. We can lower your energy consumption while adding renewables like solar, wind and biomass.

We are certain that those energies represent the future. A future which, in addition to respecting our environment, is not that far ahead:

As such, ENGIE helps boost your performance. Financing solutions enable you to carry out activities even in a tough economic context.

Watch the videos to discover how ENGIE can assist you in turning your energy policy into a competitive advantage for your business!

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