In 2018, the “Energy Savings Certificates” will have a very powerful growth!

- 11 July 2017

Regarding the 2018-2020 period, the objectives of the Energy Savings Certificate (ESC) will be doubled. It is a true accelerator for this  energy efficiency tool in France.

Managing the energy demand

ESC is a French measure that took place with the POPE law (a program setting the energy politics orientations) on July 13th 2005. It obliges energy providers (fuel, electricity, gas, domestic fuel,…) to finance energy savings operations with consumers, households, territorial or professional collectivities. The third part of this measure will end on December 31st 2017.

Since 2006, ESCs have enabled the installation of more than a million performing individual water heaters ; the isolation of attics, roofs and walls for 450,000 accommodations ; the equipping in solar water heaters for 50,000 overseas accommodations ; the renovation of 250,000 public lights and the formation to an eco-friendly driving for 64,000 drivers, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea states.

1,600 TWh saved by 2020

The May 2nd 2017 decree set the energy savings objectives from 2018 to 2020 at 1,600 Twh accumulated actualised. Over this sum, a quarter is to go to households that find themselves in a situation of energy precariousness. According to Ségolène Royal, Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea, this project “reinforces the French position in its ambition of revising the European directive regarding the energy efficiency, that aims at a 30% of energy efficiency in 2030”.

A 10 billion annual decrease on the energy bill

As for next year, the energy providers will have to, directly or through partnerships, set several measures to encourage their clients to start new energy savings operations. In total, the ESC initiatives must help reaching a 10 billion decrease for the energy bill of households, companies and public institutions spending.
The reinforcement of this measure aims at supporting new sectors and encouraging jobs creation related to the green growth. Within 3 years, 75.000 jobs should be created in the building renovation sector.