Solar Scan: harness solar energy at your industrial and commercial sites!

- 13 November 2017

Every industrial site has latent photovoltaic potential, and exploiting it will make a contribution to the energy transition. How can you identify this potential ? Thanks Solar Scan, a new service offered by ENGIE, one of the world leaders in the energy sector. 

The benefits promised by photovoltaic solar power

Solar photovoltaic units (PV) enable the transformation of solar energy into electricity, usually by installing solar panels on the roofs of buildings or parking shelters. This is part of a widespread effort to reduce greenhouse gases and also contributes towards the national objective of boosting the generation of green energy.

Solar photovoltaic energy is also profitable. Fitting your buildings and industrial sites with photovoltaic panels will improve your energy balance. The bottom line is a more closely controlled electricity budget and less impact on the environment.

What is your sites' solar potential? 

Using Solar Scan, we can analyse whether it would make sense to install PV installations at your various sites. Based on the results, you can then conduct a more in-depth study and examine the various commercial options open to you.

Solar Scan delivers key data quickly and at a very competitive cost. As a solution it can be used at all your sites around the world, wherever they may be.

Based on your address, the available space, areas of shadow and local meteorological information, we evaluate your site and submit a global overview of its photovoltaic potential:

  • the number of hours of sunshine per year;
  • the number of square metres available for solar PV;
  • your annual generating potential, as a percentage of your consumption.

Two options for making your sites go solar

ENGIE will help you implement a solution for the generation and self-consumption of solar power. In compliance with applicable safety rules and standards, ENGIE will help you design and implement the most efficient photovoltaic installation. Our solar PV projects are analysed by consultants, designers, financiers, installer companies, operators and maintenance specialists.

Our two-pronged approach will identify the ideal solution for meeting your energy needs:

  • Design & build

ENGIE will design and build your entire PV installation before delivering it to you, ready to use. You can then start generating your own solar energy, whilst retaining direct and total control over your installations. ENGIE will also continue providing support for their maintenance and upkeep.

  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)

The PPA will enable you to generate renewable energy at the lowest cost, without any initial investment. ENGIE will design, build, finance and continuously operate your PV solar installations. We will rent any unused roofs and spaces for a period ranging between 15 and 25 years. Throughout this period, we will offer you preferential energy prices. When the contract terminates, we will hand over the installation directly to you.

> Solar Scan is a reliable and economical solution for evaluating your photovoltaic solar potential. For more information, please send an e-mail to the following address: