Our Demand Response offer

Demand Response at Global Energy: what’s in for you

Global Energy has a clear and significant competitive edge when it comes to implementing Demand Response for you. Our offer combines the trading and optimization teams’ unique know-how in power and energy regulations, a full access to energy markets, and the high expertise delivered by the Group’s research, innovation and technical centers. This solid skill base enables us to provide you with the best of Demand Response.

We make it simple and you make a profit

How, where and when can you reduce your consumption? This may not jump out at first. So, step 1 is to identify what in your company is flexible energy.

1/ An audit in your units

Our experts perform quick or detailed audits to check which processes are non essential, which of them can be delayed or have a certain buffer.

But what are these processes? Take for example cold storages, industrial furnaces, crushers, electrolysis or batch processes, …  Or you may have a combined heat and power unit on site: we can help you modulate your production according to the grid balancing.

And not only can we identify these processes, but we can also provide the technical solutions that will make them flexible.
So, once this is done, and if you decide to enter the Demand Response program, we move on to step 2.

2/ We determine how to launch your Demand Response event.

That  is quite easy, we just need to define together a few parameters:

We then decide which type of Demand Response product is best adapted to your needs. You wish to reduce your consumption by a fixed amount? According to a certain level ? Or depending on market prices? You will find an answer to each of your needs within our catalogue of proven products.

Based on all these criteria, we will agree on the revenue of your Demand Response event, and on which terms you wish to get this revenue (fixed, variable premium, profit sharing, etc.). Thanks to our teams’ thorough knowledge of energy markets and grid mechanisms, we can indeed optimize your Demand Response added value by finding the best ways to monetize your flexibility, either on the wholesale markets to which we have direct access, or with the Transmission System Operator (TSO).

So, we have identified your flexibility, we have defined how to launch your Demand Response event, what type of product you need, how and how much you will get paid.

One last step remains:  the contract signature.

The program will be implemented through a fully automated solution, meaning that upon our action, the load reduction will be automatically set in motion. You will not need to take any initiative on your side. Or we can inform you about the required actions through e-mails, sms, voice calls, etc. The choice is yours.

By choosing Global Energy as single point of contact, you will enter the Demand Response world with minimum constraints and maximum profits. You will avoid having to manage your power contracts with different stakeholders, we will prevent you from getting into the complexity of grid and market regulations and you will benefit from the constant support of a highly expert Demand Response team.

Do you want to know more about our DR offer? Please contact your KAM.