Access to transparent market prices and flexibility on swaps

With Agility, you optimize your energy price and best manage your budget by keeping flexibility on price transformations. 


Agility in a nutshell

With Agility, you have access to market prices, we optimize the price of your energy, and we help you best control your budget thanks to a contractual flexibility on your price transformations.

How does it work?

1) You send us your Monthly Declared Quantities based on your historical (daily and monthly data) and expected consumption profile. 

2) You may fix the energy price up to the Monthly Declared Quantity. If the price of the energy is not entirely fixed, the contract formula will be applied on the remaining quantities.

3) The fixed quantities are still flexible and you pay a flexibility brick either upfront or at each fixation/price transformation.

4) The Monthly Delivery Price is the average of all the operation prices based on the contracted formula for the remaining.



Our energy market experts provide you with detailed market information to support your procurement decisions. In addition, we can offer you tailor-made risk management services.