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Are you looking for a reliable long-term partner for your renewable projects?
At ENGIE, you benefit from the best of expertise in physical energy business and renewable energy optimization. We offer to support you at every stage of your project, right from the investment phase to the optimization of your production on wholesale markets.


We innovate, you win

ENGIE is preparing the sustainable energy world of tomorrow and undergoing major evolutions, placing the client at the very heart of its priorities. This is why we are fully focused on developing innovative and tailored solutions to best meet your needs while guiding your through the energy transition.


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Do you want to benefit from long-term market access? Do you need risk management services or state-of-the-art support in the management of your physical production?
Through a power purchase agreement, we offer you the full range and more.



Do you have a specific need for your renewable portfolio? We tailor our solutions to your green power products. 


Benefit from our extensive presence on European markets

Our wide European asset base and strong presence on energy markets are a key advantage for you: we customize our services according to your local subsidy schemes and specificities.


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Because the world is changing and with it our energies, ENGIE will invest more than ever in collaboration to lead the energy transition.

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