ENGIE, a major renewable offtaker in Belgium


ENGIE's ambition: lead the energy transition

As the leading producer and supplier of energy in Belgium —and as one of the country’s largest employers — ENGIE Electrabel contributes substantially to the Belgian economy. Our investment in renewable energies has a very specific objective: generate economically and ecologically viable power and make the energy transition a genuine and sustainable reality in Belgium. Our figures speak for themselves.



Onshore wind turbines:

In 2014, the company owned 26 wind farms with 96 wind turbines, By 2020, we plan to double our installed capacity for onshore wind power, adding 40 MW of capacity each year. This is equal to 20 new wind turbines per year and entails approximately €400 million in local investment.



Engie energie transition services offshore wind

Offshore wind turbines:

To achieve the renewable energy goals, offshore wind will be required. Electrabel is also active in this domain. The seventh and final concession for the construction of a wind farm in the North Sea was granted to the project Mermaid, a cooperation between Electrabel (35%) and the Otary consortium (65%). The park will have a production capacity of 266 MW.



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Because the world is changing and with it our energies, ENGIE will invest more than ever in collaboration to lead the energy transition.

For any information you can contact us at str@engie.com




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