ENGIE, a major renewable energy aggregator in France


ENGIE’s commitment to renewable energy is based on six technologies:

Our investment in renewable energies has a very specific objective: generate economically and ecologically viable power and make the energy transition a genuine and sustainable reality in France. Today, our figures speak for themselves.


In the wind power sector, ENGIE helps operators prepare the end of feed-in-tariff


A clear contractual framework with:

In the solar, wind & hydroelectric sector, ENGIE acts as an aggregator for developers and operators

« Complément de Rémunération »

In January 2016, the support mechanism for some renewable energy sources was reformed. A new support scheme has been created in addition to the opening up of the Feed-in-tariff system.

How does it work?

Green electricity is sold directly on the market. The support takes the form of a premium, the « Complément de Rémunération », which is added to the revenue generated by selling electricity on the market.

A clear contractual framework:


Let's get in touch

Because the world is changing and with it our energies, ENGIE will invest more than ever in collaboration to lead the energy transition.

For any information you can contact us at str@engie.com




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