ENGIE, a major player in green power generation in Germany

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As a reliable provider of renewable electricity, ENGIE Deutschland AG has been a major player on the German market for many years.

Germany is committed to the energy transition (“Energiewende” in German), and is relying on the ongoing development of renewable energy sources and energy services.

Do you want to green up your company, energy production or property? Do you want to invest in renewable energy? We’ve got the energy for it!

We are a long-term green energy actor with 13 wind parks around the country with a total installed  capacity of 196 MW and we are also active on the hydro power with 51 MW capacity installed. Our goal is to expand our local presence to become a key provider and operator of renewable energies, armed with a wealth of experience in all relevant technologies.

The growth of renewable energy production has made active energy management increasingly important, and this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. With ENGIE, you have energy experts on hand in many fields:

As energy managers, we offer comprehensive solutions along the renewable energy chain from a single source. Always aiming to build long-term partnerships, we act as one to turn our conversation into collaboration. What matters to you matters to us!


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Because the world is changing and with it our energies, ENGIE will invest more than ever in collaboration to lead the energy transition.

For any information you can contact us at str@engie.com



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