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These Conditions concern your rights and legal responsibilities which become applicable as soon as you start to use this Website.

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I.    Legal Information

The Company ENGIE SA is the publishing company of the current website (hereafter referred to as “the WEBSITE”). Its head office is at 1 place Samuel de Champlain – 92400 Courbevoie – France, it has a share capital of EUR 2,321,639,015 Euros and is registered at the Nanterre Registry of Companies under the number 542 107 651.

To contact us: click here.

In compliance with French Law 78 - 17 of 6 January 1978 on privacy, data protection and freedom of information, updated by Law 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, any automatic processing of personal data by the WEBSITE www.engie-globalenergy.com has been covered by a declaration to the French Information Technology and Civil Liberties Commission, registered on 15 March 2011, under number 1491934 v0.

II.    Definitions

The current General Conditions for the Use (hereafter referred to as “CGUs”) of the website www.engie-globalenergy.com (“the WEBSITE”), describe the conditions for access to the services offered (hereafter referred to as “the SERVICES”) by the latter.

The ENGIE SA (hereafter referred to as “the COMPANY”) is the WEBSITE publisher and owner of the SERVICES offered through the WEBSITE (see “Legal Information” above).

A WEBSITE user (hereafter referred to as “USER”) corresponds to any person having access to the WEBSITE.

Any USER may become a member (hereafter referred to as “MEMBER”).

A MEMBER corresponds to any USER with a personal, named account (hereafter referred to as “ACCOUNT”), which the MEMBER uses to access SERVICES offered by the WEBSITE.

Within a given company, there may be one or more MEMBERS, who are finance, technical or procurement  managers.

Each business site  (hereafter referred to as SITE) corresponds to a billing address. Where several SITES are grouped together, they a considered as a group (hereafter called “GROUP”).

III.    Preamble

By accessing, visiting and/or using the WEBSITE, each USER and/or MEMBER acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms of the CGUs and undertake to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

The WEBSITE may be used for legitimate purposes only; it may not be used or misappropriated, particularly for purposes contrary to Public Order and Morality.

IV.    Intellectual Property

The WEBSITE is fully subject to French law on copyright, trademarks and, in general, on intellectual property.

The COMPANY’s trademarks and logos (semi-figurative trademarks) shown on the WEBSITE are registered trademarks. Any full or partial reproduction or representation, alone or in company with other elements, without the prior express written authorisation of the COMPANY is strictly forbidden.

The general structure, software, texts, images, videos, sounds, know-how, animations, and more generally all information and content shown on the WEBSITE, are the property of the COMPANY or are subject to rights of use or exploitation. These elements are subject to copyright law.

Any full or partial representation, modification, reproduction, distortion, of all or part of the WEBSITE or its contents, by any procedure whatsoever and in any medium whatsoever, constitutes an infringement sanctioned by articles L 335-2 of Intellectual Property Code.

The current CGUs do not grant any USER and/or MEMBER any licence for the use of trademarks, logos or photographs belonging to the COMPANY, nor for the transfer of any intellectual property.

Any databases appearing on the WEBSITE are protected by the legal provisions for the protection of databases. In this respect, the COMPANY expressly prohibits any re-use, reproduction or extraction of elements of these databases. The USER and/or MEMBER will be held liable for any such reuse, reproduction or extraction.

The COMPANY reserves the right to delete immediately and without prior notice any content – message, text, image or graphic that contravenes the laws and regulations in force and particularly the regulations specified above.
If a USER and/or MEMBER wishes to use some of the WEBSITE content (text, image, etc.), they must obtain prior express written authorisation from the COMPANY, by writing to the address given in the paragraph “Legal Information” or by sending an e-mail to the webmaster. This requirement does not concern elements downloaded by the MEMBER.

V.    Responsibility

All WEBSITE USERS and/or MEMBERS acknowledge that they have the necessary skills and means to access and use this WEBSITE.

The COMPANY reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify any WEBSITE content. Within the framework of updating and optimising its WEBSITE, the COMPANY may decide to revise the current CGUs. It is up to each USER to consult them regularly in order to find out about any changes made.

However, the COMPANY cannot guarantee that this information is complete, or that it has not been modified by a third party (hacking, virus, etc.).
The COMPANY and its contributors accept no liability (direct or indirect) in the event of delay, error or omission with regard to the contents and use of these pages and in the event of the SERVICES being interrupted or unavailable.

The COMPANY is not responsible for any delay in the transmission of alerts, whatever the means of communication, nor of them not being received by a MEMBER.

All USERS and/or MEMBERS agree that they have been informed that the WEBSITE is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure, server problems, problems caused by the telecommunications network infrastructures or other technical difficulties. The COMPANY may occasionally shut down the WEBSITE for maintenance purposes – in this case, it will make every effort to notify users in advance.

The COMPANY is not responsible for delays, operating problems or incompatibility between the WEBSITE and files, the USER’s and/or MEMBER’s browser or any other program used for access to the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY may under no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or subsequent to third-party distribution of a virus by means of the WEBSITE, which may infect the USER’s or MEMBER’s computer system following connection to or browsing on the WEBSITE. Likewise, the COMPANY may not be held liable for any material or consequential damage (including but not limited to technical failure, disclosure of confidential documents and data loss), or for any other indirect damage, arising from or associated with the use of the WEBSITE.
Finally, the COMPANY and its contributors make no undertaking and assume no liability, under any circumstances whatsoever, with regard to the relevance, continuity, accuracy, absence of errors, veracity, timeliness, fair and commercial nature, quality, validity and availability of the information contained in the WEBSITE. Incorrect information or omissions may be encountered arising from typographical or formatting errors.

If any USER and/or MEMBER finds any such errors, they are asked to inform the COMPANY, by clicking on the link “Report a technical problem”, so that it can make the relevant corrections.

Any dated information published on the WEBSITE is valid exclusively for the specified date.

USERS and/or MEMBERS are also reminded that the confidentiality of correspondence cannot be guaranteed on the network and that each of them is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses that may be circulating on the Internet.

The WEBSITE includes links to other COMPANY websites or GROUP companies’ websites likely to have their own legal conditions, which should be read and complied with.

VI.    WEB SITE Operation

6.1. Scope and access conditions for USERS

Any USER may access the WEBSITE’s public sections, which by definition are accessible to all Internet users.
Any USER may access brochures, publications, FAQs and the “Contact us” section.  

6.2. Scope and access conditions for MEMBERS

6.2.1. Registration Conditions

Registration on the WEBSITE is free of charge.
To have commercial access and become a MEMBER, the USER must already be a customer of the COMPANY, in other words, must have signed a service contract for energy supply, even if energy supply has not yet commenced.
To become MEMBERS, USERS should contact their Global Energy correspondent, who will create an ACCOUNT for them free of charge. To activate ACCOUNTS that have been created, USERS must validate their registration by clicking on a link in an e-mail sent to them.

6.2.2. Management of MEMBERS’ login IDs

All MEMBERS may access their ACCOUNTS once they have entered their login ID (e-mail address) and password. A temporary password is supplied by the COMPANY, to be changed afterwards by the MEMBER concerned.

Login IDs are strictly confidential, personal and non-transferable. They must not be communicated to or shared with a third party.

MEMBERS alone are responsible for the management and safekeeping of their login IDs, and of the consequences of their use. Each MEMBER must take the measures necessary for their protection and safekeeping.

The COMPANY may under no circumstances be held liable for any fraudulent use of login IDs.

For security reasons, access to secure sections will be automatically barred after several failed access attempts.

In the event of loss, misappropriation or fraudulent use, of all or part of their login IDs, MEMBERS must immediately inform the COMPANY. Moreover, MEMBERS must ensure that they disconnect from the WEBSITE at the end of each session. The COMPANY cannot be liable for any loss or damage suffered in the event of rules given in this paragraph not being complied with.

Whenever any parameters set by the CUSTOMER, in particular personal data, are saved by the WEBSITE’s information system when a MEMBER is connected to the WEBSITE, this will be considered as proof of an action taken by the MEMBER on the WEBSITE.

6.2.3. Suspension and closure of an ACCOUNT

The COMPANY reserves the right to suspend access to the WEBSITE in the event of fraud or attempted fraud in the use of login IDs or, in the event of the obligations covered by the application of the current CGUs being violated or if any laws or regulations currently in force are not obeyed.
In the event of a MEMBER’s WEBSITE access being suspended, the COMPANY will notify the MEMBER in question.
If a MEMBER communicates or uses his/her login IDs in a way that contravenes their intended use, the COMPANY reserves the right to close the MEMBER’s ACCOUNT.

6.2.4. Types of SERVICES offered to MEMBERS

Via their ACCOUNT, MEMBERS may access their customer area to view the descriptive list of SERVICES offered.  
All MEMBERS may access the following SERVICES, on aspects that concern them:

Access to the different SERVICES varies according to several criteria:

MEMBERS may contact the COMPANY to obtain further details about the scope of SERVICES that can access.

a. Access to energy consumption

MEMBERS may view the GROUP’s cumulative energy consumption or that or one of the GROUP’s SITES.

When a MEMBER chooses to view the GROUP’s global energy consumption, the data may refer to a period of time proposed by the WEBSITE or by one defined by the MEMBER.

Over the period in question, the MEMBER may choose to view cumulative energy consumption on a daily basis, dating back up to five years, or by hour, dating back up to one year, according to the country in question.

All the data that the MEMBER has access to may be exported using an Excel spreadsheet and saved on a computer workstation.

The MEMBER may change the unit of consumption, choosing one of the following units: MWh-00, MWh-25, GJ-25 or GJ-15.

MEMBERS choosing to view one of the GROUP SITES’ global energy consumption, may access any of the following documents: cumulative consumption, gas volume, calorific value or gas characteristics.

In certain cases, MEMBERS may create alerts to inform them when the daily energy capacity for all SITES is exceeded. The customers have to subscribe to this type of SERVICE outside the portal, contacting their Global Energy correspondent to subscribe.

b. Invoicing

Any MEMBER may view GROUP invoices or those of one of the GROUP’s SITES, either in graphical format or using a spreadsheet. MEMBERS may also view their invoices for the current month as well as archived invoices.

Depending on the country concerned, invoice archives can go back for up to five years.

MEMBERS may export all the data viewed and download it in Excel spreadsheet format. MEMBERS may also download a duplicate copy of their invoices in PDF format.

Finally, MEMBERS have at their disposal an alert SERVICE. To take advantage of this SERVICE, MEMBERS must subscribe to the “alert preference” SERVICE via their customer area by checking the appropriate box. With this SERVICE, MEMBERS may be alerted by e-mail whenever a new invoice is issued and download what they consider to be the latest invoice.

c. Consulting consumption forecasts

The SERVICE for viewing consumption forecasts is not available to all MEMBERS. Only those MEMBERS reporting to a French or Italian company are able to use it.

d. Target Alert

Certain MEMBERS are able to access the “Target Alert” SERVICE via their Global Energy correspondent, who will subscribe those MEMBERS for them.

The Target Alert SERVICE is free of charge. It enables customers to view, via their customer area, a list of closing price indexes and to set, for each index, a threshold below or above which they will be alerted by e-mail and/or by text message if they exceed this threshold. The e-mail or text message will contain the list of indexes affected by the increase or decrease.

VII.     Personal Data

Information on energy consumption

Personal data are collected in order to communicate to MEMBERS all the information related to their energy consumption.
That information and those data are also stored for security reasons so as to respect legal and regulatory obligations in force.

Customising SERVICES

Personal data collected helps to improve and personalise the SERVICES offered. In this way, the COMPANY is able to offer an alert SERVICE aimed at giving MEMBERS the means of being kept informed of changes in energy consumption by e-mail and/or by text message.

According to the situation, those alerts allow MEMBERS:

- to be kept informed when the energy consumption threshold set by the MEMBER has been exceeded.  

- to be kept informed when new invoices are put online.

The alerts that a MEMBER has registered for are listed in the section “My Account”. MEMBERS are able to manage these alerts or cancel them via “My Account”.

What kind of data?

In particular, the COMPANY collects and processes MEMBERS’ names, postal and e-mail addresses, passwords, telephone numbers (landline and mobile), professions, IP addresses, connection data and navigation data.
The same type of information is collected and processed for those USERS who wish to make a request or a comment in the “Contact us” section.
Any data that is mandatory is indicated by a red asterisk.

The COMPANY may also perform audience measurement based on MEMBERS’ connections to the WEBSITE, to find out, in particular, the number of pages viewed, WEBSITE visit frequency, visitor activity, etc.

When is data collection done?

Information is collected when:
- an ACCOUNT is created,
- a technical problem is notified,
- the “Contact us” section is accessed.

Data recipients

Data collected on the WEBSITE are exclusively for the use of the COMPANY. They may be communicated to the COMPANY’s subsidiary companies.
If you do not wish that information to be communication to the COMPANY’s subsidiaries, please click on the box in the form.

Rights of all USERS and/or MEMBERS with respect to the French Information Technology and Civil Liberties law.

In compliance with the European directive of 24 October 1995 concerning the protection of individuals with respect to the processing of personal data and the free movement of that data, together with the legislative decree for transposition, all USERS and/or MEMBERS have the right to access, rectify , object to, update and delete that data.

All USERS and/or MEMBERS may exercise those rights using the Global Energy contact form: link to form.

USERS’ and/or MEMBERS’ obligations
All MEMBERS are required to check that the information provided via the WEBSITE is precise and complete. Any changes in the information provided by them must be communicated to the COMPANY.

VIII.    Cookies

When a USER and/or MEMBER logs on to the WEBSITE, a cookie may automatically be installed on their browser software. This is a block of data that is not used for identification purposes but for recording information about their browsing on the WEBSITE. It is used to analyse activity, measure interest, etc., and otherwise to improve the quality of the WEBSITE.

USERS may set their browser software to inform them of the presence of a cookie and to refuse it if they wish. The method varies from one browser to another:

If you choose to set your browser to refuse cookies, some SERVICES will no longer be accessible.
All USERS and/or MEMBERS have the right to access, rectify or delete personal details sent via a cookie as described in the paragraph “Rights of all USERS and/or MEMBERS with respect to the French Information Technology and Civil Liberties law ”.

IX.    Hyperlinks

The COMPANY may not be held liable for hyperlinks to other websites, and particularly for the content of those websites.
The COMPANY is not liable for hyperlinks from other sites to this Website and no such links may be set up without its prior written authorisation.

X.    General Clauses

Any assignment or other transfer of the rights granted under the current CGUs is strictly forbidden.
If, for any reason whatsoever, a competent court were to rule that a provision of the current CGUs is invalid, the invalidity of that provision will not in any way affect the validity of the remaining terms, which will remain in force.
Failure by one of the parties to exercise a right or to institute legal proceedings under the terms of the current CGUs will not be deemed to be a waiver of such a right or such proceedings.

XI.    Territoriality and Applicable Law

The relevant jurisdiction is French.
The WEBSITE is subject to French law.
The current CGUs will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with French Law.

On all pages of the SITE, specify:

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