ArcelorMittal (Dunkerque)

  • 79.4 Billion in 2013
  • 232 000Employees in 2013
  • 60 Countries60 Countries
  • Steel industryCore business

A very particular challenge

ArcelorMittal wanted to replace the ageing unit that used gases from iron and steel production to generate electricity on their Dunkirk site.

This involved increasing the energy and industrial efficiencies of the site whilst limiting pollution emissions and improving the environmental impact.

An adaptive solution

Two identical generating units, each with a generating capacity of 394 MWe and consisting of:

Tangible benefits


Greater flexibility is obtained by being able to burn gases from iron and steel production or natural gas or both at the same time. This is an effective method to adapt to the speed of production, thanks to the implementation of this genuinely "adaptive energy" solution.


The installation is particularly clean, allowing for the ArcelorMittal industrial gases to be treated with very few emitted pollutants.


An excellent rate of return is possible thanks to a particularly competitive and economic system producing a significantly cheaper KWe.


Risks are minimized and kept within upper limits because of the Tolling Contract signed between ArcelorMittal and Global Energy.

The total investment has been in the order of €450 million. The station was started up in the spring of 2005.