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End November 2010: Global Energy becomes DuPont's gas supplier for its production sites in Germany, Spain and the Benelux countries

DuPont is an international chemical group whose turnover is 26.1 billion euro. A front-runner in the development of plastics and other polymers, DuPont designs scientific solutions for various industrial sectors.

DuPont was looking for a competitive market-oriented offer that was tailored to its flexibility requirements for the supply of natural gas to its sites in Germany; Spain and the Benelux countries. A total gas volume of 4.4 TWh over 2 years (2011-2012) was at stake.

What are the key factors that led to this success

Internally; a close collaboration: the Sales, Trading and Marketing teams worked together to design a bespoke offer in line with DuPont's organization.
Externally, a partnership spirit: the Global Energy and DuPont teams worked together to find the best solution to meet the company's requirements.


DuPont chose Global Energy as:

The advantages of the partnership

"For DuPont, a deciding factor in choosing ENGIE for the supply of energy to its major consumption sites in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain , Belgium and Luxemburg was the flexibility of our offer, coupled with transparency in terms of market price.

A pan-European agreement, consisting of the removal of volume constraints at a local level and in the pooling of quantities on a pan-European level, gave added value to our proposal above our competitors.

All involved parties within the ENGIE group took part in designing this bespoke offer.

The appointment of a unique coordinator (i.e. the Key Account Manager) reflected the client structure which is organized around a single and centralized purchasing department.

After five months of negotiation, we had been able to develop a sense of "partnership" that became reality through developing a sales offer that was acceptable to the customer. This offer gave both DuPont's local production sites and central purchasing team (in Geneva) the possibility of optimizing the various contracts that fell within the scope of the pan-European agreement."

Christophe Baugnet 
Lead Key Account Manager, Global Energy

The management of the future

"DuPont greatly appreciated the open approach and the efficiency of exchanges during the negotiation phase with ENGIE. Having a single contact within ENGIE significantly and favorably contributed to our exchanges, which were quick and very well coordinated as a result.

From the outset, DuPont very clearly stated its requirements in terms of the type and structure of its future (2011-2012) gas contract. We were looking for an innovative, pan-European solution that was market-based (and not on traditional oil products), benefiting from appropriate flexibility in terms of price and volume determination.

ENGIE responded to these requests and changed its first offer in order to provide the structure that was essential to DuPont to respond to very demanding market conditions. DuPont has several lines of business that operate on each production site, with differing strategies and operating models. We were therefore particularly impressed with ENGIE’s capacity for adaptation.

We therefore hope that this new relationship with ENGIE, will enable us to manage and optimize our energy supply costs for our various production sites across Europe.

This innovative agreement signals the beginning of a new type of contract for the supply of gas, both for ENGIE and for DuPont in Europe.

The first step is complete. We must now both extract value from the next step in our partnership and its innovative and flexible solutions".

ENGIE is present in numerous other fields and we expect such partners to provide us with competitive offers that are integrated and adapted to our needs throughout Europe, thanks to excellent coordination.”

Petr Vanous
Senior Energy Buyer, DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl