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Tata Steel selects Global Energy for flexible and dependable energy supplies

The viewpoint of Bart Bartelds, Account Manager Energy: “Reliability of supply is vitally important for Tata Steel. So we were looking for strong partners in the gas and electricity sector.”

Energy consumption

The production process at Tata Steel releases large quantities of gas. This gas is then recovered and recycled in industrial processes and is also used for the production of electricity. Despite this, Tata Steel still needs to consume some 3 TWh of natural gas a year.


Good environmental performance is a major part of the way Tata Steel operates, for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and also to guarantee the continuity of the company. Modern production methods and the recycling of waste have made it possible to reduce the environmental impact significantly.

Over a period of 20 years, the company has reduced its consumption of energy for every ton of steel produced by almost 30%. Tata Steel is one of the world’s ten most economical producers of steel and aims to make savings of a further 15% between now and 2020.

Within this context, Tata Steel needed a partner that was not only a supplier of electricity and gas, but also an adviser on managing the environment and controlling price risk.

An evolving relationship

Tata Steel has been working for some time with Global Energy for the supply of electricity. New contracts were also signed recently for a large proportion of its gas supply requirements.


Today, Global Energy partners Tata Steel in the following areas:

The advantages of the partnership

The importance of supply reliability meant that Tata Steel had to go looking for strong partners in the gas and electricity sector. “By opting for Global Energy, we have selected a stakeholder with whom we are building a strategic cooperative relationship,” states Bart Bartelds.

Added value

Flexibility is essential. The supply of energy is now adjusted to fit in with the variable pattern of consumption that is characteristic of the IJmuiden site. The quality of processes at Tata Steel also depends on the reliability of energy supply.

Prospects for the future

Tata Steel requires tailor made solutions, support and advice from its collaboration with Global Energy. The aim is to help the company remain among the world’s best in the steel industry. In the opinion of Bart Bartelds, Global Energy is already contributing towards achieving that ambition.